About Intecom

Intecom, a company specialized in logistics integration, was created in 2000 by the union of two companies of Grupo Martins: Marbo Logística and Intecom Logística Integrada.

With its expertise in the management and operation of the logistics chain, it provides thorough solutions and personalized projects, according to the clients’ individual needs, even in the most diverse segments.

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Intecom Sobre
Intecom Sobre


Projetos de Integração Logística
Logistics Integration ProjectsIntecom's activities range from planning to operations, developing comprehensive Logistics Integration projects.Learn More
Gestão armazenagem
Warehouse ManagementWarehouse management requires an efficient, integrated process involving supplies, production and distribution.Learn More
Gestão distribuição
Distribution ManagementThe key factor in businesses is the ability to ensure the delivery of the product, in perfect condition, in the agreed quantities and delivery timeframe.Learn More
Montagem de Kits automatizada
Automated Kit AssemblyIndustrial process that consists of unitizing several components in a single package.Learn More
Just in time
Just In TimeJust in Time is a central pillar in many factories, especially automotive ones.Learn More
JIT Compartilhado
Shared JITShared JIT aims at synchronizing the industry’s demands with more than one supplier of the same item (at the same time).Learn More
Intecom Logística Reversa
Reverse LogisticsReverse Logistics consists of the return of materials already used for the production process.Learn More

Business Areas

Atuação Logistica

Focus on segments:


Hygiene and Beauty

Food and Beverages

Retail and Cash & Carry


Textiles & Footwear


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