Intecom, a company specialized in logistics integration, was created in 2000 by the union of two companies of Grupo Martins: Marbo Logística and Intecom Logística Integrada.

Created with the goal of providing integrated logistics services with strategic intelligence for companies from different sectors, Intecom has contributed to increasing the logistics efficiency and competitiveness of its customers.

Having acquired the know-how, and with the growing demands of a market in search for logistic integration solutions, Intecom has expanded over the years through modern distribution centers, strategically located to serve all regions of the country.

With its customs and logistics intelligence, the company manages operations of varying degrees of complexity, involving understanding customer processes, planning, technology, innovation and monitoring all stages of the logistics chain (Supply Chain Management), from storage to distribution/delivery to the end customer.

With its expertise in the management and operation of the logistics chain, it provides thorough solutions and personalized projects, according to the clients’ individual needs, even in the most diverse segments.

With their process of continuous improvement, Intecom is prepared for future challenges, including Supply Chain 4.0. With ongoing investments in infrastructure, technology and training, Intecom is recognized as being a highly trustworthy logistics partner for increasing business efficiency and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and their customers.

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