TIC – Information and Communication Technology

The advanced technology used in its operations is a key factor in Intecom’s excellent performance. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is indispensable for the intelligent integration of logistics. We use TMS, WMS, TRACKING and ERP software, robust yet flexible systems, customizable and using language compatible with other cutting-edge technologies. With these solutions, the customer can access inventories independently, orders in production and items shipped and delivered throughout Brazil, as well as the performance indicators (KPIs) of operations.

Intecom is prepared to meet the requirements of Supply Chain 4.0, a 4th Industrial Revolution trend. This technological revolution impacts all sectors and the supply chain area is an important part of this process. The study “Digital Supply Chain Management 2020 Vision” concluded that most CEOs believe that the digital economy will have a significant influence on the entire logistics platform. However, only one quarter of them have developed Centros de Distribuiçãoa digitalization plan. Intecom is able to help its customers with this new challenge.


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